To provide our customers with the safest and most hygienic isolation floatation environments/chambers and facilities at the fairest rate possible while striving to leave the smallest environmental footprint.

Our sensory deprivation chamber / tanks filtration systems are the only tested and certified (NSF) in the World and is achieved in a natural and organic process that does not involve the use of dangerous and harsh chemicals such as chlorine; this is the main reason why flōt purchases from Float Lab Technologies.

All of the parts are built to last a life time, reducing replacement consumption.

Our soap, shampoo, conditioner, and laundry detergents are natural, organic, and environmentally friendly.

We strive to reduce our paper consumption by digitizing, recycling, and using recycled products.

“The standards are those we have found necessary for reliability of operation, for safety, and for maintenance of a hygienic environment. Low cost of operation and safety are favored over low initial investment; if a more expensive item meets our standards and decreases the cost of operation we use it rather than a less expensive item that may be less reliable, unsafe or costly to operate in the long run. A cheaper item may end up generating far more cost in terms of unreliable operation, redesign cost, time spent on its maintenance, anxiety over its unsafe operation, and its potentially unhealthful effects on persons using the tank.”

— John C. Lilly, Inventor of Isolation Flotation Experience