Using the power of Ozone, UV Light, and 1/2 Micron Filters to sterilize our float tanks before and after EVERY single float session.

Our Float Tanks are built by Float Lab Technologies Isolation Floatation Chambers. They are built and certified to NSF/ANSI 50 – CCS 12804 commercial safety and sanitation standards for commercial use. These are the ONLY Certified and Tested Float Tanks available. 

The solution consists of 1000 lbs. of USP grade Magnesium sulfate [Epsom salt]. We use a specific Epsom salt provider to ensure quality beyond the USP rating.

Before each use, the solution is purified by our patented disinfection filtration system. Utilizing commercial Ozone oxidation as a primary disinfectant and extreme UV radiation as a secondary with advanced 3-stage filtration [20 micron, 5 micron, 1/2 micron].

Our disinfection system has been verified to perform a minimum 3-log kill (99.9%) on pathogenic microorganisms of all kinds [bacteria, virus, mold, etc.] without the use of chemicals. Float Lab Chambers never require chemicals to sanitize the solution.

Our Air circulation system is compliant with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, providing 10 complete purified air exchanges per hour [filtered to .3 microns].

We are concerned, so you don’t have to be.

If it doesn’t say Float Lab, it’s not commercial.

Float Spa San Diego
Float Spa San Diego