Float Spa Preparation

  • Arrive 15+ minutes BEFORE your appointment for a quick orientation.

  • Do not have a LARGE meal or caffeine 30-min before your ‘float’

  • Do not shave the day of your ‘float’
  • Do NOT bring a bathing suit or towel. All shower products are organic & GMO free

  • A mirror is provided in the bathroom to get ready. The reason we do not provide a mirror in the rooms is so we can ensure a quick turn around time and to maintain a clean environment.

  • We have a bathroom kit that contains: blow dryer, hair ties, hair spray, spray deodorant, cotton balls/pads. Please ask for the kit if needed, it must be used in the bathroom.

Parking – Downtown

Float Spa Preparation & Parking | Float Therapy | flot Spa in San Diego

There is a secure public garage next to our building, see pictures below. This garage has a gate that automatically opens when you pull up to it.

There is also street meter parking and many more public parking lots within blocks of flot, free after 6pm and on Sundays. You can also take the trolly to the Santa Fe Train Station, flõt is located one building north of this trolly stop.

Entrance to our parking garage. $1 for hour or $4 for 3-hours

Float Spa Preparation & Parking | Float Therapy | flot Spa in San Diego

Our parking garage is attached to the North side of our building.

It looks private but it is not, the gate will open when you pull up to it. Make sure to pay the kiosk and put the paid parking ticket back in your widow.

Parking – North Park

Float Spa Preparation & Parking | Float Therapy | flot Spa in San Diego
Float Spa Preparation & Parking | Float Therapy | flot Spa in San Diego

Preparing for Your First Sensory Deprivation Experience

Whether you have heard about the benefits from friends or you are just interested in trying something that will help you relieve stress and reconnect with yourself, your first float therapy experience can be daunting. Even though you may be excited to discover the rejuvenating effects for yourself, you may still be nervous about what to expect that first time. Below, you will learn how to prepare for your float experience so you can receive the most benefits right from the start.

Relax (Float Spa Preparation)

While the point of floating is to help you relax, that doesn’t mean you need to work yourself up prior to your first experience. Many people find themselves worrying about things such as being able to float and actually dealing with the sensory deprivation. The fact is, anyone can float in the tank thanks to the 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts that provides buoyancy in the 12 inches of water. Your body will not sink, so you will not drown during your floating experience. And if you fall asleep and roll over, the high salt content will irritate your eyes and nose so that you wake up before ever coming close to drowning.

If you are concerned about the sensory deprivation thanks to the archaic uses of it, forget about them. True sensory deprivation, such as that you encounter while floating, is not traumatic. Instead, you will find you are in a quiet space that is dark, allowing you to free yourself from the constant bombardment of mental and physical noise that you are exposed to daily.

Eating and Drinking (Float Spa Preparation)

While it is fine to eat before you float, there are a few things to keep in mind. You will not want to eat a large or heavy meal just before your float appointment. Even though the meal may satisfy you, it may cause gastric noises while you are floating that will distract you from the relaxing experience. However, going to your float experience hungry can result in the growling of your stomach distracting you as well. Generally, a light snack will provide the fuel your body needs without causing unwanted distractions.

You will also want to avoid beverages that are high in caffeine or that contain alcohol before your session. Caffeine may hinder your ability to relax and enjoy the experience. Similarly, alcohol is also a stimulant that can make it more difficult for you to fully relax and enjoy the floating experience.

Avoid Shaving and Irritated Skin (Float Spa Preparation)

It is also best to avoid shaving just before your time in the float tank. That same 1,000 pounds of Epsom salts that keeps your body afloat will also cause serious stinging on freshly shaved skin. You will also want to make sure that any scratches or open wounds are covered with petroleum jelly or some other waterproof covering to avoid the same issue. Covering any open wounds will also provide a cleaner environment all the way around – even though the water is filtered and treated frequently and purified prior to every use.

Showering (Float Spa Preparation)

You will also want to make sure you are ready to shower before and after you get in the tank. The spa will provide everything you need to do so, which means you won’t have to bring anything with you. The post-float shower will also remove any salt residue from your skin and hair.

Your first float experience is sure to be memorable. By following the above tips you will help prepare yourself so that you are ready both physically and mentally so you can achieve the most benefits. If you have any questions, please make sure to contact us for more information.