ONLY certified float spa in SD

At our float spa we have the the ONLY CERTIFIED, HYGIENIC, & CHEMICAL FREE flotation tanks in San Diego and along with having the BEST PRICES! We have the same float tanks as JOE ROGAN. Each customer is given their own private and hygienic room containing a changing area, shower with all organic amenities, and a HUGE Float Lab isolation salt water tank/float-room which provides you with a new, purified, and chemical-FREE water and air for relaxation each time you float, unlike the others.

float | flōt | what is it?

flōt is a Float Spa in San Diego that provides you with the opportunity to experience the pinnacle of relaxation by floating inside of the safest and largest sensory deprivation tanks / chambers. Floating is an experience of total relaxation in your own personal, weightless environment where all five of your senses are free from external stimuli. You literally float effortlessly atop a shallow pool of dense Epsom Salt water, creating a zero-gravity like sensation. Being inside a neutral temperature environment that is free from light and sound it must be experienced to be truly understood.

what does ‘floating’ do?

‘Floating’ organically cleanses and detoxifies your body and mind. This is achieved by soaking in the purified mineral rich Epsom Salt water, breathing the highly filtered air of the ‘float’ environment, and removing all external stimuli that stress the mind. In addition to relaxing and cleansing the body and mind the benefits are endless and are subjective to the uniqueness of the individual, click here to see some of the research on the benefits of ‘floating’. To understand what ‘floating’ is going to do for you, it must be experienced.

recommended float packages


  • 1 hour floats
  • $35 per float
  • SAVE $15


  • 1 hour floats
  • $32.50 per float
  • SAVE $45


  • 2 hour floats
  • $53 per float
  • SAVE $21


  • 2 hour floats
  • $50 per float
  • SAVE $60

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NSF certified flotation tanks


Manufactured by Float Lab Technologies, Inc., Float Lab is the world’s only NSF 50 & UL 1795 certified Isolation Flotation systems approved for commercial use. Before every user each Float Lab sensory deprivation tank is sanitized by a patent pending disinfection filtration system certified to produce a minimum 3-Log kill (99.9%) or greater per cleaning cycle without the use of any chemicals.

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